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Although an archaeologist of much renown, The Collector is an enigmatic figure, secluded from the rest of the world and driven by a singular purpose - to locate the many relics needed to reintegrate the legendary artifact known as - the Love Totem.

Chasing nuggets of evidence through history and folklore, he works behind the scenes to assemble the magical components from all over the world with which he hopes to right a tragic wrong. Adventurers are chosen - men and women - to work on his behalf, people who are prepared to go to the edge in the name of love!

Each book in the series recounts a new search for one of these magical items. Each story brings together lovers - since the union of lovers is the vital component of this quest - no matter which part of the Love Totem is sought.

Come with us now on a journey to magic and romance! Look in the very center of this mystic adventure - and there you will find fascinating glimpses of... The Collector!


Approximately thirty-five years ago, while working in a rain forest clinic nearly two thousand miles away from her home in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Audra Phelan watched two of "the invisible people" Yanomami warriors drag the body of an injured man into her field hospital. For days on end, Phelan took care of the unidentified victim of a gunshot wound.

The man eventually known as The Collector never forgot his debt to this daughter of a European father and Brazilian mother. At first asking her to join him as a nurse practitioner and companion, he later discovered that Phelan's knack for understanding the abstracts of both practical archeology and the paranormal powers of the various pieces necessary to assemble the Love Totem were invaluable.

Self-sacrificing and loyal, Phelan has become indispensable to The Collector's quest.

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